SMAP Validation Experiment 2016 in Manitoba, Canada

PALS plane
SMAPVEX16-MB study site
Field sensor
Soil moisture map
Canola field

Soil and vegetation temperature

The temperature of the soil and vegetation will be measured during the collection of hand-held soil moisture sensor readings. For each field, four sampling locations will be selected to measure soil temperature at two depths –5 cm and 10 cm– using a digital thermometer.

At these same sampling locations, soil and vegetation surface temperatures will be recorded using a thermal infrared thermometer for sunlit vegetation and sunlit soil, as well as for shaded vegetation and shaded soil.

Summary of soil and surface temperatures sampling.
Sampling locationDepthInstrumentMeasurement technique
Soil temperature4 sites:
1, 8, 9, 16
5 and 10 cmDigital pocket thermometerInsert to 5 cm, take reading, then push to 10 cm, take reading.
Soil and vegetation temperature4 sites:
1, 8, 9 16
SurfaceThermal infrared thermometerMeasure sunlit and shaded soils, sunlit and shaded vegetation.