SMAP Validation Experiment 2016 in Manitoba, Canada

PALS plane
SMAPVEX16-MB study site
Field sensor
Soil moisture map
Canola field

Soil roughness

Although the effects of land management on roughness can vary due to soil characteristics, large roughness variations across a field are small. Consequently roughness will be measured at only two sites in each field. In addition, roughness will be measured only once since the SMAPVEX16-MB campaign will begin after seeding and further effects due to management activity are not expected.

Soil surface roughness will be measured over two sites of the selected fields using a digital camera and a 1 m-long profilometer installed in the look directions of Passive/Active L-band Sensor (PALS) and RADARSAT-2 sensor (descending mode). To adequately measure the correlation length, roughness measurements will be taken over 3-metre profiles. For each field, mean roughness values will be derived from the pictures of the 3-metre profiles taken at two sites with the digital camera.

1 m-long profilometer.
Summary of surface roughness measurements.
Needle profilometerNeedle profilometer
Number of sites per field2 (same sites as RADARSAT-2)2 (same sites as PALS)
Number of replicates per site11
Number of profiles per site3 (placed end-to-end)3 (placed end-to-end)
Number of field visits11