SMAP Validation Experiment 2016 in Manitoba, Canada

PALS plane
SMAPVEX16-MB study site
Field sensor
Soil moisture map
Canola field

L-band radiometer measurements

One radiometer will be installed in the canola field and the other in the corn field.

For both fields, daily multi-angular observations of TBH and TBV from 30° to 60° incidence angles with an increment of 5° will be collected and then the instruments will be left to measure at only 40°.

Calibration will occur every 2–3 days or before the multi-angular observations.

When SMOS PM acquisitions are available, TBH and TBV multi-angular measurements will be collected in order to analyze the diurnal variation of surface characteristics (vegetation, soil moisture) on the signal. This will require the collection of soil moisture, soil temperature and vegetation water content at the same time.